Prevention & School Services

Prevention Services:

At Insight House, we feel as if the prevention of an addiction disorder is equally as important as its treatment. Teen alcohol abuse is particularly rampant, with alcohol killing more kids than all illegal drugs combined.

Insight House offers school and community-based programming directed specifically at the prevention of behaviors that lead to the devastation caused by addiction to drugs and alcohol. Insight House will provide you with some ideas and resources you can use to protect the youth in your life against some of the risks they face in our society.

School-Based Services

Insight House’s school-based student assistance program has been providing services to schools since 1971. Currently, we provide the following services to students in schools located in Oneida, Herkimer and Madison counties.

Project SUCCESS is a school-based intervention program designed to prevent and reduce substance abuse among high-risk adolescents, and

HYPE (Helping Youth through Prevention Education) is a skill-based curriculum for elementary school students aimed at increasing awareness and decision making ability with regards to substance experimentation and use.

Program topics include:

    • Individual Counseling
      • Children and Addicts
      • ATOD Education
      • Refusal skills
      • Self-esteem
      • Decision making
      • Anger Management
      • Life Skills
      • Positive Alternatives
      • Smoking Cessation
    • Assembly & Classroom Presentations
        • Specific Topics – Drugs
        • Personal Testimonies

PARENT Programs

Insight House Prevention Staff can also assist parents with learning how to recognize and address drug use with children and adolescents. Community Forums help parents identify methods to encourage youth to develop the internal strength necessary to make positive decisions. Some of the topics covered include:

      • Signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use
      • Current trends
      • Tips for parents
      • Prevention techniques
      • Recognizing drug paraphenalia
      • Available resources
      • Preparing for Drug-Free Years

Parental Tips for raising drug-free children:

  • Establish and maintain good communication with your child
  • Get involved in your child’s life
  • Make clear rules and enforce them with consistency
  • Be a positive role model
  • Teach your child to choose friends wisely
  • Monitor your child’s activities

* Note: All programs are certified by the NYS office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS)