About Us

Insight House drug and alcohol treatmentEstablished in 1971, Insight House provides professional, confidential, drug and alcohol treatment services to individuals and their families striving to achieve and maintain a sober lifestyle. Insight House offers a full continuum of care, with NYS Certified programs including outpatient clinic/day treatment, a 44-bed intensive residential unit, and prevention/intervention services. The agency views alcohol and other substance abuse as a chronic but treatable disease, and assists individuals and afflicted family members with a strategic and comprehensive approach to recovery.

Insight House started as an arm of the Oneida County government and became a private, not-for-profit organization in response to the changes in the community health care industry. Insight House continued to address an important need in the community while undergoing four office relocations, a substantial increase in confidentiality regulations, and changes in the legal system and the way drug use is viewed. Insight House has adapted to these changes while continuing to build upon the services it offers.

Insight HouseThe agency’s main office and residential program facility offers customized levels of treatment depending on client needs, and programs include a variety of clinical group sessions, GED classes, vocational assessment and referral, recreation in the facility’s gymnasium, and life skills education. Over 20,000 individuals are reached in our community annually through the agency’s treatment and prevention services. In 2006, Insight House was selected as “Not-for-Profit Business of the Year” (greater than 50 employees) by the Mohawk Valley Chamber of Commerce.